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Chris Andrew
Managing Director

Before founding Clarmond Advisors in 2010 Chris has worked for 14 years in the family office and investment world. He worked at Consulta Limited, a multi-family office and investment firm since 1996. Chris is an IIMR qualified Fund Manager and has consistently worked with international and UK-based clients on their asset allocation and portfolio and wealth structuring.

Our Team

Core Team

Akber Zaidi
Chief Research Officer

Akber has over 20 years experience analyzing and investing in the financial markets. He has lived in Europe, Asia and the USA while being active in equity, fixed income, commodities and futures markets. His last five corporate assignments were as President of Alpha Asset Management, Chief Investment Officer of Pi Capital, Financial Consultant and Portfolio Manager for Citigroup Smith Barney, Director of Investments for SASCO and Hartwell Foundation, Portfolio Manager for StockJungle Investment Advisors. Akber has a BS (Operations Research and Industrial Engineering) and an MBA (Finance and Accounting), both from Cornell University.

Clarmond Wealth’s Team and Advisory Board have considerable experience in the financial services industry. Further support is provided through Clarmond Investment Solutions Limited in Switzerland, our affiliated company.

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Mustafa Zaidi

Research and Development

email: mnz@clarmond.co.uk

Mustafa was the co-founder of Octane, an alternatives solutions provider to institutional clients and its Director of funds; he sold his holdings to Sanlam Insurance company at the end of 2009. He has more than 22 years in investment experience and was strategist at the Lexington Worldwide Emerging Markets fund along with an emerging markets hedge fund. He also worked at Cambridge Associates (Boston), a consultancy to endowments and universities.  Mustafa has a BA (History and Economics) from Brown University, an MA (War Studies) from King's College and was a DPhil (candidate) at Balliol College, Oxford University.



Gerald Gonzenbach
Executive Chairman - Switzerland

Gerald has more than 25  years’ experience in international corporate finance, asset management and structured finance. He acted as CEO and Executive Vice Chairman for Octane Holding, an alternative solutions provider for institutional clients. Prior to this he was CFO of Sanlam Financial Services. Previous experience includes working as Chief International Officer for Genbel Securities and working at UBS in a number of senior positions in South Africa and also covering Eastern Europe. Gerald received his Master’s degree and PhD in Law from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, as well as an MBA from the University of Virginia, USA.

James P. Canales
Clarmond Investment Solutions - USA

Before joining Clarmond Investment Solutions James previously worked with StoneWater Capital where he was partner and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to SWC, James worked with Octane Research Inc., where during various periods he served as Chief Investment Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Risk for this Switzerland-based fund of hedge funds group. Earlier experience includes being Chief Operating Officer of Parker Global Strategies, LLC and being a partner at Aletheia Research and Management.

Dr. Jules Borack

Dr. Jules Borack is an expert statistician with more than 30 years experience developing and validating statistical procedures for data collection and analysis related to human resource issues. From 1976 until 1998, Dr. Borack was a senior scientist at the US Navy Personnel Research and Development Center in San Diego, where he was director of both the Workforce Management and Personnel System departments. More recently, he has developed methods to monitor statistical processes for economic, and socio-demographic and stock market data. M.Sc. Ph.D. from Cornell University.

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