Real Asset Strategies

There is one well known asset class that has consistently delivered steady returns which are frequently uncorrelated to the other financial markets, Real Assets. The term “real assets” covers any and all assets which are intrinsically valuable in and of themselves.

In our view, portfolios that have no immediate liquidity requirements, like a SIPP, should primarily invest in real assets which have an intrinsic value. This will bring a number of benefits including a greater certainty of outcome, less investment volatility, and general peace of mind.

Clarmond has created a range of risk-rated portfolios for SIPPs that invest, for the most part, in Real Assets. This investment programme is private and therefore for information please click on the brochure on the right or send an email to

Performance Methodology

The numbers for Target Annual Returns, Expected Volatility, and Expected Sharpe quoted in the Clarmond Real Asset Strategies Brochure are management estimates and take into account an analysis of historical data where available together with management beliefs about future performance. Cross-correlations between assets with non-varying prices and fixed bond-like returns are assumed to be zero. Where assumptions were made about the risk-free rate, the UK Gilt 5 year rate was used as a proxy. The assumed holding period is 5 years.

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